Download Problem Concept Maps

As of December 18, 2023, Problem Concept Maps are longer be available for downloading.  We were unable to obtain expected federal funding for continued maintenance of this vendor-neutral knowledge base.

For Epic customers who were considering downloading or installing problem concept maps for use with Epic’s problem-related medications and lab results (PRML) display, we suggest:

  1. Speak with Epic staff regarding upcoming Epic provision of maps,  OR
  2. Speak with IMO staff regarding their IMO Core product

For Epic customers who have already downloaded and installed problem concept maps for use with the problem-related medication and lab results (PRML) display:

  1. There will be no immediate effect on your current installation.
  2. You should consider it appropriate to use your currently installed maps through December, 2024.
  3. By the end of January, 2024, you should contact Epic or IMO to discuss future options (as above).

Parties who have installed or considered installing maps who are not Epic customers may feel free to contact Dr. Joel Buchanan at for more discussion.