Subject Matter Experts

The problem definitions were provided by the registry team at UT-Southwestern Medical Center, led by Dr. DuWayne Willett.

Below are the specialists who came to consensus on the lab tests and medications in our completed maps.

wdt_ID Problem Expert Institution Specialty
1 Coronary Artery Disease
2 Ernest Mazzaferri Ohio State Cardiology
3 Ian Rogers Stanford Cardiology
4 Sandeep Das UT-Southwestern Cardiology
5 Kristen Patton University of Washington Cardiology
6 Ryan Kipp University of Wisconsin Cardiology
7 Elias Haddad Vanderbilt Cardiology
8 Chronic Kidney Disease
9 Samir Parikh Ohio State Nephrology
10 Graham Abra Stanford Nephrology

Joel Buchanan

Credentials: MD

Position title: Medical Director, IT Strategic Projects